Easy DIY edible finger paint for babies and toddlers

Easy DIY edible finger paint for babies and toddlers

Hey ya’ll welcome back to the blog. Today I have a super fun and easy DIY to keep the kiddos busy. Finger painting is something my baby and toddler enjoy doing but boy is it a pain to clean up. You know with most babies and toddlers, they tend to get it EVERYWHERE. So, were going to make a easy finger paint that is cheap, non-toxic and easy to clean!

What I love about this activity is that it is frugal and fun. This is one of my favorite open ended play lessons for my boys to do after completing their homeschooling for the day. Most supplies needed are in most homes or can be bought for $1 at dollar tree or the grocery store.

What you need:

  • All purpose flour mixed with a teaspoon of sea salt or greek yogurt. I prefer yogurt but did not have any when making this tutorial.
  • Bowl or cup for mixing.
  • Cups or sectioned container equal to the amount of colors you have. I found the blue 4 section tray in the school section of dollar tree.
  • Water.
  • Food coloring of your choice.
  • Popsicle sticks.
  • Kraft paper (found at dollar tree).
  • In your bowl or cup combine the flour + sea salt mix and water until you get your desired consistency. I found that a pancake batter thickness was ideal.
  • Next separate the mixture into assorted container, cups or jars.
  • Finally add food coloring to your desired opacity and stir.
  • I simply taped the kraft paper on a wall to allow my babies to paint freely.

That’s it! Easy right? do not be afraid to mix colors either. You can store the unused mix in the fridge if you desire. To clean, simply wipe with warm soap and water.

I hope that you all enjoyed this quick and easy edible finger paint activity. Want to help my blog out? please share content that you found useful.

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