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How I stay productive working from home with kids


Let’s get real, working from home with children is a dream but it’s stressful. As a mom it is important to find a balance in order to raise your babies and run your business, effectively. However, this blog posts is not just for mamas who run a business but also mamas who are homemakers, work from home with a 9-5, or those who are just overwhelmed.

        Here are a few tips that you can implement TODAY to up your productivity and reduce your stress as a SAHM (Stay at home mom).

1. Wake up earlier

Waking up earlier is one of the best tips especially for mamas. Getting up at least 1-2 hours before your little ones is key to getting your mind right for the day. During this time I suggest that you do some self-care:
  • Get dressed! Shower, brush your teeth, do your hair, put on a comfy cute mommy outfit. Getting dressed takes you out of that mindset that just because you’re home you can be a house bum.
  • Read, listen to a motivational podcast, journal or pray, whatever you feel.
  • Drink some water. Many of us (myself included) just wake up and get straight to the coffee☝ Make it a habit to properly hydrate your body before consuming your daily caffeine.

2. Eat a proper breakfast

So who’s is guilty of feeding the kids and not eating until the afternoon? Me too. I know it can feel overwhelming getting everyone fed and clothed in the morning. However, in order to have a more productive day mama you have to nourish yourself. Make your morning breakfast (and lunch) a bit easier by:
  • Meal prepping. Pinterest is a gold mine to find quick and simple breakfast ideas.
  • Eat breakfast as a family. Don’t just feed the kids first, eat with the kids.
  • Opt for a yummy breakfast smoothie. They are filling and healthy. Oh kids love them too?

3. Plan your day the night before

What’s that saying? Failure to plan is planning to fail. You already have a million things to remember, why add to that? 
  • Have a dedicated planner or notebook to house all your things to do.
  • Pick your top 3 most important tasks that you want to accomplish.
  • Carve out specific time blocks for working and dedicated play/learning time with the kids.

4. Build connections with other moms

Whether it’s through a social platform, long time friends, or your local moms meetup, it is important to build relationships with other women that just get it. Its fine to talk to your friends without kids but other moms will understand your breakdown over your kid writing on the wall with marker. Yes, you can just clean it up but you’ve cleaned marker off the wall 6 times in the past hour! Yikes. We all need that space to just vent with those like us.

5. Don’t work all day

Yes I said it. You need to end your day at a reasonable time. Social media has given this notion that in order to run a successful business or home life you have to be up super late and you have to be doing SOMETHING all day. Not true! I always say be productive not just busy.
  • Try to get out of the house for at least an hour each day. Whether its strolling to the store or hanging in your backyard, clear your mind and get some fresh air with the kiddos.
  • Spending too much time on your work can result in careless mistakes. Take a step back.
  • Sleep is important. Wrap up your work at least 2-3 hours before dinner. This allows for you to spend undivided time with your family and also gives the chance to establish a relaxing night routine.

6. Ditch the mom guilt

Stop feeling guilty for not being perfect, mama. You’re trying your best and that’s all that matters. You’re stressing yourself out trying to do all the things. We need to be our best selves for our littles! Understand that whatever you don’t get done today can be put on the list to be done tomorrow. 
Stop feeling guilty for pursing your passion. Just because we have kids does not mean we do not deserve to be bosses as well whether it be a boss in your own business, a boss in running your home, or a boss in your 9-5, you deserve it!

I hope you all found this post helpful. If you did, you can support my blog by commenting and sharing



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