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3 easy ways to make money as a mommy blogger

Making money with your blog is a long-term income strategy, not a get rich quick scheme. I get it, you may feel overwhelemed or frustrated because you are not making the money you thought you would. Especially when you log on the internet and everyone is bringing in 50k to 100k a month. In today’s post I want to go over 3 quick and easy ways to monetize your blog. It may not make you 100k overnight but it will bring you some income.

Here are these key focus areas for making money online:

  • Content
  • Traffic
  • Planning

Content is the foundation of your blog. Please please do not slack on this part. Do your research and make sure everything you publish is top notch. So many people start a blog thinking it’ll be easy to just throw some blog posts up and call it a day, but unfortunately that’s not how it works. Ever heard the saying “content is king”? “Content is king” is such a popular saying is because it’s really the foundation of your business no matter what industry you’re in. Content is what shows your product or service, testimonials, BTS and more. Content is the number one way to build trust with your audience.

*Here’s a pro tip: Creating a content schedule or setting up an editorial calendar will save you time.

Traffic is highly important when taking the steps to monetizing your blog. While it can take time to get eyes on your blog here are some steps you can take to increase your traffic:

  • Ensure your SEO is at its best this helps google prioritize your website.
    • Your blog title should be searchable and describe exactly what your post is about.
    • Utilize keyword throughout your post.
  • Prioritize Pinterest. Instagram is great but Pinterest is a bloggers best friend because it is a search engine. Pin your content and others content at least 3x a day.
  • Share on your other social media platforms.

Whether you have a large wave of traffic or not, make sure to have a place to stay connected to the visitors who enjoy your content such as an email list.

*Flowdesk is my favorite email marking platform and just for you , take 50% off your subscription

PLAN TO PROSPER: Once you have written 15-20 blog post see what your audience likes most using google analytics and incorporate more of that content into your strategy to increase traffic.

To expand on google analytics you can see when people visit your website the most and use that information to create a posting schedule. For example, If your blog is viewed most on Mondays and Thursdays between 8am and 12pm then that is when you should post weekly. This way your readers will always know when to look forward to new content.


Yes, making money with ads (google adsense) requires a good amount of traffic (I always suggest them no matter how small your blog) but google ads aren’t the only ads. A lot of new bloggers charge for ad space on their websites sidebar this can range from $20+ based on your monthly views.

Ad networks require less work and they also have other bonuses such as higher earnings, and sponsorship opportunities. While most networks require high traffic here are some for new bloggers are:

  • Monumetric
  • Ezoic
  • Mom Select (While not direct ads you get a lot of sponsorship opportunities (My Favorite)

To get approved for an ad network such as Mediavine or AdThrive you need between 50k-150k to be approved. Do not skip out on smaller networks or google adsense because there are MANY bloggers making 6 figures without bigger ad networks.

Once you decide on the route you want to take, assess your blog and ensure that your readers experience is still pleasant.


Some bloggers make six figures from affiliate earnings alone, which is so amazing! The best part is, getting started with affiliate marketing is something you can do as a new blogger. I recommend getting at least 10-15 solid blog posts published. This is because most platforms want to see that you are consistent and established. Furthermore, people buy people so make sure your post are genuine and high quality content.

Imagine products you use in your everyday life that you love and would recommend to others. Think about products that will help make your readers’ lives or businesses easier. A few affiliate sites like Shareasale, Awin, and Impact Radius are great platforms. You can also reach out to companies and brands directly to see if they have an affiliate program you can join.

My favorite network outside of amazon is MagicLinks they are amazing for new bloggers and have so many opportunities outside of just affiliate marketing. They work with some of the most popular brands and the support is amazing!

Sign up for magicLinks here:

Finally, If you’re an Amazon junkie like me then their affiliate program will be perfect for you. I’m always sending someone to amazon and lets face it just about everyone loves getting their products in 2 days.

Don’t forget only recommend products you have used and love!

Digital Products

Designing and selling my own digital products is one of my favorite ways to make passive income through my blog. You can sell ebooks, cheat sheets, a monthly membership, meal plans, or even courses, greeting cards, and more. There is literally so many possibilities with digital products and they are such a great form of passive income.

Remember, quality content opens up a world of opportunity in the blog world. Content that is honest and engaging to your audience will keep them coming back and build that trust factor.

What’s your favorite way to monetize your blog?

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