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How to buy cheap prescription glasses online | | Glasses review

Quarantine with my EyeBuyDirect glasses in the style DRUMS.

Hey hey hey! I’m back to show you guys one of my favorite life hacks. See, I’m a prescription glasses wearer and there’s nothing I love more than being able to find inexpensive QUALITY eye-wear that I can buy directly from the comfort of my home. Want to find out how I paid only $12 for prescription glasses and how you can grab a pair for yourself?

Glasses Basics:
One of my favorite things about EyeBuyDirect frames besides the price , are the large selection of trendy and classic glasses and sunglasses. Even if you do not need a prescription, you can buy your favorite frames with non-prescription lenses or blue light blocking coating if you are in front of technology majority of your day. Being a simple girl the frames I opted for were simple matte black frames in the style “DRUMS”. Here is a screenshot of my Purchase:

So as you can see these simple pair of glasses were $6 plus my lenses. The lenses that I chose were:

Lens Details:

Use For:

Single vision distance




Standard Lenses : $6.95


1.5 index



If you’re feeling a bit fancier you can upgrade to have thinner lenses, transition lenses, tinted lenses, lenses with blue light blocking etc.

Tips to successfully buy glasses online:

Fun fact: I worked as an eye consultant at one of the worlds leading eye companies. So I want to share with you all a few tips to make your online buying experience hassle-free.
  • Have your most updated prescription. It is important to have your prescription updated every 1-2 years.
  • Never guess or measure your pupillary distance (PD) yourself. Sometimes your eye doctor may not write it down on your prescription card, but they always check it. Simply call your office and ask for your PD
  • Read review, look at others with your similar face shape, and utilize the glasses try-on feature when available.
  • Ensure that the company has a return policy in case your glasses do not fit the right way or something about your prescription is wrong. Check out EyeBuyDirect policy here:
  • Know what your glasses use is for: distance, reading, non-prescription, multi-focal…Don’t guess, call and ask!
  • Never guess and enter your prescription. If you are confused, all reputable online glasses retailers will allow you to e-mail or fax in a picture of your prescription and they will enter it in for you correctly.
  • Overall, I really enjoyed my buying experience. My glasses came in 5 days, my prescription was correct, my frames fit nicely, the packaging was top-notch and the quality was worth more than $12.

Want to try some frames for yourself? Use my link here:

FTC- This post is not at all sponsored or endorsed by the company. Everything was purchased with my own money. However, I have a link that earns me a small commission if my readers by a product at no additional costs to them 🙂

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